can you make a new manip ? x —Anonymous

i will soon i promise im just deleting the asks bc my askbox doesnt let me see all of the messages if i have too many and stuff

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Could you post one with Eleanor and Harry's mum and Eleanor with Gemma or link me to ones you've done? (: —Anonymous

these are the ones with gemma

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Can you link me to the pictures you've done of Eleanor and Harry? Xxx —Anonymous


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where are the manippssss —Anonymous

im sorryyyyyyy :(

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Hey where do you make your edits? With the white backrounds? —Anonymous

i dunno what you mean by white backgrounds but i make all of them with photoshop :)

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Can i please get a followback? :) —lovebird97

i caant its a sideblog :(

loved the new theme! xx —Anonymous

thank you :D

where are you from ? —Anonymous

slovenia :))

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I think Eleanor + Starbucks would be funny actually (: but like I'm a larry shipper but I find this blog very interesting? Idk it's a cool concept (: —Anonymous

omg that eleanor +starbucks request was ages ago i suck im sorry but thank you

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you are the best <3 —g0odgirls-are-badgirls

aw ty <3